[Expat-discuss] Expat for Windows CE?

Karl Waclawek karl at waclawek.net
Wed Mar 2 16:54:50 CET 2005

Jean-Francois Lambert wrote:
> I tried a while ago to compile Expat for WinCE and failed miserably.
>>From what I can remember, it was about Windows CE not having access to
> the STL library that Expat depends on?

Expat is pure C, no STL required.

> I was wondering if any attempts were made to succesfully compile Expat
> on Windows CE. I would greatly appreciate any help and step-by-step
> approach using Embedded Visual C++ 4.0. Basically if I could just have a
> .DLL and .Lib I'd be happy.

Expat compiles fine with Visual C++ 6.0.
Unfortunately I don't know how that is different
from compiling with Embedded Visual C++.


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